We see hundreds and hundreds of student-athletes in person and by video analysis.  It is virtually impossible for our efficient group of professionals to see every talent that is out there.  Our focus is to work with a finite group of serious and dedicated student-athletes and families that are committed to creating opportunities proactively.

However, if we have not discovered you yet, and you feel you are a family that deserves to be valued and would like to work with our Firm, our process is simple.

  • Fill out this client evaluation form to allow us to communicate with you directly.
  • Once the client evaluation form has been filled out, you will be contacted by a member of our management team.
  • If there is an absolute necessity for us to travel to you and your family, and you are located outside of the New England area, please understand that there will be a travel fee assessed in addition to our management fee.

Our fee is a one time fee that covers the professional relationship we share with families from the moment they sign with the firm to the moment they commit to a college or University in the NCAA (covers the student-athlete through their High School years, Gap-Year, and/or Pre-NCAA years).

Please note that we reserve the right to work with serious families who we feel will be a good match for our Professional Services.