What We Value

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Who We Are

The Firm U is a laser-focused Think Tank that works with student-athletes and families that are serious about creating options and possibilities in the college process.  We believe in the power of a proactive and personal approach that will make an impression. Our methodology and approach has been successful in creating differentiators within the mass migration of families looking to flood the confusing, competitive and overwhelming recruiting process.


The Firm U is comprised of experienced professionals that are focused on U.  The founding partners used this methodology with their own children to secure a proactive approach that led to great outcomes as recruited Division I student-athletes.  By design, we are only working with a limited number of serious and athletically talented student-athletes that we feel can compete at a very high level both in and out of the classroom.  This by far will be one of the most beneficial investments you will make for your son or daughter and will be a proactive differentiator in the complex world of competing student-athletes.

Sawyer, Phillips Academy (Andover) ’19 & UPenn (Ivy) ’23

Sawyer was a student-athlete at Phillips Academy Andover in Massachusetts.  He was a two-sport student-athlete who experienced the anguish of having to have surgery on an injured shoulder while also going through the stressful recruiting process.  Sawyer and his family had always had their eyes on some top Academic schools, but knew that competing in that pool of applicants would require having athletic support in the admission process.  Sawyer was always a student who fared well in the classroom and had scores that were respectable. Our methodology at the Firm U helped create a personal and proactive plan that was able to keep Sawyer in the minds of those coaches that would be making those recruiting decisions.  Our process was disciplined and effective in making sure Sawyer was ahead of the process and in the pool of those student-athletes that were in consideration for limited spots in the Ivy League.

“I was so busy with my day-to-day activities and schoolwork that I really relied on the process and plan that the Firm laid out for me.  Because my list of schools was a little more narrow and focused it was imperative that I was ahead of the process as so many of my peers wound up chasing or trying to catch up.  With school, scores, athletics and friends, this can be a very stressful time that can easily get away from you. I am so grateful that I had guidance and a plan so I could feel like I had some control over what can be an overwhelming time in our life.  I am extremely happy to have been recruited by and will be attending top ranked UPenn to play Lacrosse in the Ivy League”.

Teagan, Brooks School ’18 & UAlbany ’22

Teagan was a student-athlete at Brooks School located in North Andover, Massachusetts.  She was a three sport student-athlete in High School who worked hard both in and out of the classroom.  Her dream was always to play Division I College Lacrosse and be able to compete at a high level in the NCAA.  Her mom described Teagan as someone who certainly had the talent, but was not sure of the process as things seem to move so quickly while always feeling like we were behind or chasing.  She was a hard-working student who’s academic scores and achievements were in line with those in her recruiting class. Our methodology at the Firm U helped create a proactive and powerful plan that was able to keep Teagan at the forefront in a crowded field of competing families and aspiring Division I athletes.  

“I knew I wanted to play at the Division I level since I was young.  I was a very motivated athlete and I knew with all the things going on in my life that there was no way I was going to be able to stay competitive and ahead in the process.  Thankfully, I had the guidance, support and discipline implemented by The Firm which allowed me to worry about the things I could control. I could focus on my academics and athletic training.  It was such a relief to have a game plan and play book during what can seem like a foggy and frustrating process. I am excited to now be a part of the UAlbany Division I Women’s Lacrosse Program and be attending a school I love”.

Christian, Phillips Academy (Andover) ’19 & Amherst College (NESCAC – Small Ivy) ’23

Christian was a student-athlete at Phillips Academy Andover in Massachusetts. He was a two sport student-athlete who excelled on the ice. He and his family, who are knowledgeable and intelligent people, quickly became overwhelmed and confused with Junior hockey, the NCAA, and the complex process to find the perfect fit for Christian. Christian and his family wanted a top academic school, but knew that the landscape was ultra-competitive. In order to stay ahead in the rat-race of the college admission and recruiting process, the family required the assistance of our Firm.

Christian was an excellent student who always did well in the classroom. By taking advantage of our methodology and disciplined approach throughout the process, a great deal of stress was alleviated from Christian and his family. With a great deal of experience and depth in the hockey world, our Firm was able to create top academic options while keeping all other avenues open for the family. Because the NESCAC is as competitive as the Ivy League, it was imperative that our systematic approach was introduced early on with the family and Christian to provide a platform and laser-focused approach to what they wanted.

“Being at Phillips Academy (Andover), I was unbelievably busy on a day-to-day basis. It took a great deal of energy and effort simply to complete the academic and athletic requirements for each day. Because my family and I were so passionate about a top academic school, it was critical that we sought help to implement a disciplined approach to the college admission and recruiting process. With Junior hockey teams constantly asking what my plans were, I needed an outside, objective group of individuals guiding and mentoring me and my family throughout the process. I am very thankful and appreciative to have found The Firm and to have worked with the great individuals that had me and my family’s best interest at heart. I am very excited to have been recruited in the early decision pool of applicants at top ranked Amherst College in the NESCAC League. My family couldn’t be happier with how this process has gone and I am so excited to play college hockey.”